I first discovered BreakThroughs by sitting in on a program provided to another department within my agency. What I discovered was nothing short of amazing and I knew I had to bring it to my department as well. Over the next several years the folks at BreakThroughs facilitated several teambuilding programs to department leaders and line staff. The result is a team that is more engaged and willing to speak directly to one another instead of about one another.

Cindee Brown-Mills, Administrative Operations Manager, Alaska Department of Fish and Game-Division of Wildlife Conservation

I have received executive coaching from the staff at BreakThroughs and was initially unprepared for the results. I am now refining my goals to be more specific and targeted so I get what I really want out of life. I feel more confident and in charge of my destiny than I ever have.

Cindee Brown-Mills, Administrative Operations Manager, Alaska Department of Fish and Game, Division of Wildlife Conservation

BreakThroughs has helped me build high performance cultures in two organizations. I believe that the programs, as well as the personalized one-on-one coaching with my management team, has helped my leaders maximize their strengths, engage and develop their people, and now lead highly effective teams.

Ron Redd, District Manager, Parker Water

I engaged BreakThroughs to help me build a high performance culture.  What we have now is something bigger than me.  The team is empowered, new leaders have emerged, and I am confident that what we have created here will grow beyond me.  Personally, I have learned that I can’t do it all myself, and the faith and trust I put into BreakThroughs to help me was the greatest investment I have ever made.

Maria D'Andrea, Director of Public Works, Commerce City, CO