Vision and Values

Champions (left to right): Guy, Maleia, Jamie, Jeanette and Steve

CHAMPIONS! Every team has them. Do you know who yours are?

When we work with teams to imagine a Vision and Values for the organization, we engage an elite group of leaders, from all levels, with the courage to take on crafting and defining a new future.

BreakThroughs is unique in that we approach the visioning process by engaging a diverse group of well-respected, thoughtful, and brave individuals in a dialogue about where the organization is going and what is required to move it there.  

With guidance from BreakThroughs, Inc., the 'Champions Team' examines the current culture, assesses the future, and balances business needs with the capabilities of its people. Then, through a series of intentional conversations, the Champions Team develops, communicates, and breathes life into their Vision and Values.   

If you would like to learn more about the process of developing Vision and Values in your organization with Champions, please Contact Us

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