Navigating Change

“Change sticks only when it becomes “the way we do things around here”.”  - John P. Kotter

The one constant in business is change... new technology, new products, new services, mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, retooling, etc. Whatever we call the change, we tend to respond the same way. Thus, we can either be controlled by and reactive to changes in our environment or be proactive and manage the change through a process to maximize benefits and reduce any negative fallout. 

In the case of change, being proactive means clearly explaining the reasons for change, having a strategy, setting a clear vision and direction, and involving others in impactful decisions.  In the absence of participation, we resist change and any effort to affect change will fail.

The world is getting smaller, talent and good leadership are no longer a given, and so companies that purposefully invest in not only identifying the need for change, but uncovering the best approach and methods of including their people in the process, will be the most able to respond and likely survive.  

Navigating Change: Developing Change Leadership Competencies explores the many diverse issues faced by organizations, teams, and individuals when dealing with and leading change. Participants are provided with an extensive overview of the dynamics of complex change including the types, orientations, and stages, and are then tasked with constructing methods for fulfillment. 

This program is designed to help individuals, teams, and organizations develop and build competency in seeing a change initiative through to positive conclusion. Participants learn how to successfully navigate change for themselves and lead others through the process, as well as: 

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