GALLUP StrengthsFinder

“What will happen when we think about what is right with people rather than fixating on what is wrong with them?”  - Donald O. Clifton, Ph.D

Do What You Do Best Every Day.  Strengths are the unique combination of talents, knowledge, and skills that every person possesses. People use these innate traits and abilities in their daily lives to complete their work, to relate with others, and to achieve their goals. But most people don’t know what their strengths are or have the opportunity to use them to their advantage.

Gallup research proves that people succeed when they focus on what they do best every day. When they identify their talents and develop them into strengths, people are more productive, perform better, and are more engaged, both individually and in teams.

The StrengthsFinder assessment identifies an individual’s top five strengths. When businesses can get employees to use their strengths on a routine basis, let’s say every day, then those employees have a more direct impact on the organization’s bottom line. Gallup research has revealed that employees who routinely use their strengths on the job are:

Clifton’s StrengthsFinder gives us a lens into engagement and productivity at a human level.  The gains in performance, profit, and satisfaction are available only to those leaders with the courage and skill to unleash and orchestrate the individual strengths of their people. 

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