BreakThroughs in Teambuilding™

High Performing Organizations have come to realize the positive effect of mobilizing their “people power.”  Yet, some managers struggle with building productive teams.  The most successful managers have long realized the positive impact the team concept can have on performance, productivity, and profit.  However, many still don’t understand the real dynamics of teams and how to create situations where people work well together to accomplish great things.

BreakThroughs in Teambuilding™ helps managers, and employees, enhance their overall effectiveness by laying the groundwork for team cohesion and development.  Managers learn how to assess and act on risk appropriately, they learn cooperation and how to lead by example, and they learn the power of trust, as well as the value of demonstrating mutual respect.

Participants create important Strategic Business Initiatives (SBIs).  SBIs are tailored to individual and organizational needs and provide multiple opportunities for participants to demonstrate effective teamwork under simulated conditions.  Each SBI requires participants to skillfully plan, assess risk, set goals, communicate, manage limited resources, and adhere to deadlines.  Participants are intentionally assigned to small groups wherein they work with other team members to develop successful plans and strategies inside of simulated business pressures and constraints. Immediately following each SBI is a feedback and analysis session in which participants discuss how to apply the new skills and lessons learned to their job, team, and broader organization.  

Breakthroughs in Teambuilding™ prepares participants to:


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  • Team building fosters commitment with members directly involved in activities such as: problem solving, decision making, goal setting, and action planning 
  • Most managers understand the importance of teams and teamwork but many have difficulty understanding the dynamics of teambuilding
  • "This teambuilding program was a vital part of the turnaround of our business. No one else could have facilitated this happening as well as BreakThroughs. Your professionalism and commitment to our success makes you one of our most valued partners. Thank you!"
  • "With what I have learned I will now build a team that is truly a TEAM. A team that focuses on working together and holding each other accountable for reaching our objectives. Thanks for making this such a positive experience and putting it in a framework that I can easily apply when I return to work."
  • "Pulled team together and we will become a high performance team.  This [program] will enable me to communicate authentically with every member of the team."
  • Grow and develop a highly motivated, cohesive, high performance team that can consistently outperform a group of hard?working talented individuals
  • Effectively optimize the talents, knowledge and skills of team members
  • Conquer accountability through team trust, respect, and commitment
  • Manage conflict/confrontation between team members
  • Create and cultivate an atmosphere of cooperation through communication
  • Build greater strength and flexibility to overcome challenges, build accountability among members of the team, and turn failures into successes