BreakThroughs in Leadership™

"...He or she is almost always a pragmatic dreamer. They are people who get things done, but they are people with immortal longings. Often, they are scientifically minded people with poetry in their souls."  - Warren Bennis

Sadly, most managers don’t look at their post as one in which they must truly lead people. They don’t see the correlation between who they are and the commitment, happiness, and engagement of their people. Managers set the tone for tasks and relationships, and how they choose to lead directly impacts their ability to succeed or fail.

BreakThroughs in Leadership™: How to Coach, Develop and Inspire People to Achieve Extraordinary Results explores what separates great leaders from mediocre managers. Leaders shun traditional command and control, they know that pointing to hierarchies and policies as a means of getting work done is vain and the more effective approach is to listen, encourage, and connect people to their greatness by focusing on their strengths and desire to make a difference. 

For organizations, growing leaders in its ranks is a necessity. Leadership can be developed in individuals with a sincere desire to inspire and challenge others to achieve extraordinary results. Powerful Leaders set a clear vision and lead with a powerful sense of mission and purpose. By freely giving of themselves, leaders offer their organizations a competitive advantage rarely matched - fully engaged people.

Beyond the techniques, participants discover how being authentic and leading from the heart, as well as the head, draws people in and fosters commitment while delivering exceedingly high results.  Leadership is not a position, it’s a way of being. 

With a context for Leadership, participants will learn how to: 


SPECIAL NOTE: This program is regularly completely customized by our clients.  Read about a recent case.    

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