BreakThroughs in Attitude™

Attitude affects Performance and Results. Too often, organizations rely on product knowledge and skills training to improve performance and increase productivity. Although both improve competency, neither addresses the real opportunity: connecting individuals with the power of their Attitude.

In a three-year Leadership IQ study released in 2014, researchers said that focusing on technical skills is a “formula for failure.”  The study found, “a shockingly low percentage of new hires succeed in their new positions.”  In fact, a remarkable 80% don’t stick around.  The findings indicate that a good percentage of new hires fail “because their attitudes and personalities are unsuited to the functions and tasks of the job and conditions of the work environment.”

People with Can Do attitudes are comfortable in their own skin, know how to overcome obstacles and persevere, and find meaning with a deep sense of purpose in all they do.  Bottom line, they know how, and want to, deliver outstanding results.

BreakThroughs in Attitude™ is a self?discovery program that encourages participants to search themselves (attitudes, beliefs, behaviors and characteristic ways of responding to situations and interacting with others), and connect who they are to powerfully influence what they do. By introducing and underscoring the importance of influence, control, and accountability, participants are challenged to evaluate their relationships with others, and themselves, and explore adopting empowering attitudes that bond their essence with their potential and help them achieve results they never believed were possible. By being proactive and interpreting events in ways that are positive, participants are given the tools required to continually evolve. 

At the end of the program, Participants are given an opportunity, with our expert guidance, to break a board with their bare hand. The skills and mindset necessary to break a board can be immediately applied to their work and demonstrate that they actually Can Do the seemingly impossible. 

BreakThroughs in Attitude™ offers a deep look and insight into the following: 

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  • Employee attitudes affect behavior, and attitudes are important levers of organizational performance
  • Positive attitude promotes well being
  • People who are confident in their capabilities think, feel and behave differently from those who don't


  • "I learned what the qualities of a peak performer are and I can and will use these to improve my performance, achieve my goals and my value to the team.  I also learned that we limit ourselves from things we don’t believe we can achieve, and this is where our beliefs and attitude are important to succeed instead of fail.” 
  • "I learned that attitude can affect my performance and the bottom line. My attitude as a manager also has a significant impact on the people who work for me. I must model the attitude I want my people to adopt."  
  • "The BreakThroughs in Attitude Program pointed out the obvious, but often overlooked, traps that we fall into, and gives us the skills, tools, and courage to recognize and overcome them. It was a great lesson in evaluating ourselves and helping us realize our potential."
  • Attitude Renewal. Rejuvenating individual commitment, re-establishing a positive focus and adopting a “Can Do” attitude 
  • Accountability...for one’s own attitude, successfully adapting to change, and being proactive.  Individuals get really clear that they are responsible for how they show up and respond to situations, circumstances, and other people
  • Enhanced Performance and Productivity. Participants are encouraged to go beyond their current level of performance to reach their full potential
  • Strengthened Individual Initiative. There is a power inherent within each of us to "take charge" of our lives and capitalize on our strengths. Connecting to that strong belief in themselves, participants discover how their capabilities, coupled with heightened confidence, empowers them to step up and play big
  • Increased Ability to Work Successfully as Part Of a Team. This program promotes taking a consistently proactive and constructive approach to relationships and tasks